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El Larry

Ardas Murphy

Sternbergs Connemara stud was founded in 1989. Since then our aim is to breed Connemaras true to type, with a strong conformation and excellent movements, very easy to handle, so they should "be able to do everything".

                                                           „Connemaras do it all“
Our ponies do prove this slogan of the Connemara breeders in their daily life. Dressage, Showjumping, Versatility, driving a wagon or trail ride horses, that are easy to handle - nothing is a problem for the versatile Connemara Pony!
The Connemara has a natural jumping ability, and its rectangular build lends it suitable for dressage. They often beat horses 16 hands and over with staying power, intelligence and heart. As a show jumper, working hunter, dressage pony, eventing, western pleasure, endurance, driving - Connemaras can do it all, and - most important - can be your best friend!

Our broodmares are mostly performance tested and they prove their outstanding characters in the daily work also with children and beginners. Our goal is to breed athletic and versatile ponies that will excel in all disciplines with all levels of riders. We carefully selected our mares (and stallions) with a strong emphasis on temperament as well as correct confirmation, true type and good movements. We breed with mares from very different bloodlines, two of our mares are descendants of our irish bred foundation mare Sue. Also we have quality mares imported from Denmark and some of wellknown german bloodlines. Allof our mares are regularly ridden and proof their riding abilities in different competitions and at the Mares Performance tests.

El Larry is already here at our stud since 1995. The impressive dun stallion, who unites in his predigree several excellent irish bloodlines, was imported in utero from Ireland to Austria, where he also was inspected as a three years old. As a seven years old he came to us at Sternbergs Stud and already in his first foals he had with Sternbergs Siss the German National Champion foal! Many more successful foals followed in the next years…

Since 2004 we have one more outstanding and very successful Connemara stallion at our stud – Skousboe Morning Rock. This son of the wellknown danish stallion Hazy Dawn was inspected as a three years old with the highest grades ever given to a Connemara stallion (6 times the highest possible grade 10!) and also at the two shows where we showed him 2005 here in Germany he was both times even Best in Show!

Since 2009 we have the beautiful swedish outcross stallion Arda's Murphy standing at stud, he is not only a beauty but also performing very verstaile under saddle and has alraedy sired some very successfull foals.

Thank you very much for the interest in our ponies! If you want to know more about them or if you would like to visit us personally, please don't hesitate to  contact us!

Please enjoy our site!

Sternbergs Lenaro - Class I Stallion - sold to Australia!

Sternbergs Like Me new Class I stallion

New broodmare: Miss Daisy, Supreme Champion Clifden

Moondancer, Summer Rain, Lady Lee and Lousianna are champions at Frankonian Pony Show

El Larry is Elite Stallion

Sternbergs Silver Sam new Class I Stallion

Sternbergs Malena wins at Landesponyshow

Morning Rock is Elite Stallion

Sternbergs Mercutio new licensed Stallion!

Sternbergs Larry Jr & Sternbergs Marvin licensed in Denmark

Sternbergs Midnight Rock Reserve Youth Champion in France

Sternbergs Mandy States Premium Candidate mare

Shanna Larry passed inspection in Ireland

South German Show 2009:
Murphy and Lady Lee Classwinners, Champion Family by El Larry

Sternbergs Lady Lee States Premium Candidate mare and Champion mare Landesponyshow

Ardas Murphy Premium Stallion and Reserve Champion at Inspection

Rocky Supreme Champion in Spiddal a. Oughterard 2008, Ireland

Yearling Colt by El Larry is Classwinner at Clifden Show 08
New updated:

El Larry was awarded the Elite Stallion title for the outstanding quality of his offspring!

We are proud about one more new licensed Stallion from our breeding:
Sternbergs Silver Sam
(Clifden Silver x PrSt Maike)

S o u t h   G e r m a n   C o n n e m a r a   S h o w   2 0 1 1

Arda's Murphy
Champion Stallion
Sternbergs Lambada Dancer
Reserve Champion Stallion
Sternbergs Liara
Best Yearling

Arda's Murphy
Reserve Ridden Champion

                                         Foto 3 u. 4: Bachmann
LINK: More Photos under News

Sternbergs Mercutio in Austria: Champion Stallion of the International Connemara Championship,
                                              Reserve Champion Stallion All Breeds ÖZP States Championshipt,
                                              Winner of the Riding Competition for 3 and 4 years old Horses and
                                              ÖZP Ridden Champion!

Frankonian Foalchampionship and Pony Show:
Sternbergs Bay Miro - Premiumfoal and Classwinner - Champion Connemara Colt
Sternbergs Lady Liliana - Goldpremiumfoal and Classwinner, Best Connemara Filly and Best Connemara Foal
Sternbergs Malena 2nd Best in her class
Sternbergs Lady Lee, Classwinner and Reserve Champion of all Sportspony mares
Photos and more information under News

                  Foto: AvC

Sternbergs Malena (by Skousboe Morning Rock) gets States Premium Candidate mare and is Champion of her breed and Best Native Sportpony at the Landesshow

El Larry son Shanna Larry is Ridden Connemara Pony Champion at his first Ridden Shows in Ireland!

Have a look at our Foals 2011!

Skousboe Morning Rock is Elite Stallion now!
He was awarded this title for the outstanding quality of his offspring!

Our young stallion Sternbergs Mercutio (Skousboe Morning Rock x StPrSt Wirthsmühle Lilac) passed Inspection and is Champion Connemara at the South German Stallion Inspection in Alsfeld 2010

All Sternberg Foals 2010 are GOLD Premiumfoals!

Good news also from Denmark:

Sternbergs Larry Jr (by El Larry) gets licensed for life and is second best of his Inspection Class,
Sternbergs Marvin (by Skousboe Morning Rock) gets licensed, is Classwinner and Reserve Best in Inspection!


Foto: Johanna Hoeckel

Sternbergs Midnight Rock (Skousboe Morning Rock x Jeros Jingle Bell) is
Reserve Youth Champion in Normandie/Picandie, France!

Sternbergs Mandy (El Larry x Norlunds Mary Lou) inspected in Studbook I with highest grades,
Score: 8,14; 9s(!!) for type, body, Overall Impression; 8s for walk, trot, canter!

She gets the States Premium Candidate mare title at Landesshow!

Shanna Larry (El Larry x Skousboe Morning Rock) passed inspection in Ireland!

Morning Rock son newly licensed in Germany!

Foto: AvC

Our Premium Stallion Arda's Murphy successfully passed 4-weeks-performance test
Foto: Grebler

WELCOME (back) home:
Rocky and Jane arrived at home from Ireland!
Our wonderful stallion and many times Supreme Champion Skousboe Morning Rock  is back home again after two covering seasons in Ireland,
he has brought with him his granddaughter Shanna Jane, a daughter of three times british Show Champion Heathers Dino ex Premium mare Skousboe Shamrock,
Jane is a maternal halfsister of the Clifden winner Shanna Larry (by El Larry).

Thank you very much to Seamus Keady who gave them wonderful care!

S o u t h   G e r m a n   C o n n e m a r a   S h o w   2 0 0 9


Sternbergs Mandy
Third Place 1 - 2 yrs old Fillies
Arda's Murphy
Winner 3 - 4 yrs old Stallions
Sternbergs Lady Lee
Winner 3 - 4 yrs old Mares,
2. Reserve Champion Mare
Family of El Larry
Champion Family

                                        Photo 2 a. 4: Bachmann
LINK: More Photos here

LINK Foals 2009 - High quality foals are inspected:

Premiumfoal          Premiumfoal              GOLDpremium            Premiumfoal          GOLDpremium               Premiumfoal               GOLDpremium          GOLDpremium      

Sternbergs Marvin
Foto: Holger Reimann

News from Denmark:
Sternbergs Larry Jr (El Larry x StPrSt Sternbergs Snowfly) is licensed and Classwinner,
Sternbergs Marvin (Skousboe Morning Rock x Renate) is licensed and placed second
of his Inspection Class

Sternbergs Larry Jr


Landesponyshow 2009





Sternbergs Lady Lee
States Premium Candidate mare - Classwinner -
Champion mare in the endring of all Sports Pony Breeds

Birkenhof Sybille
States Premium mare - Classwinner -
Qualified for the endring of all Sports Pony Breeds


A l l    f o a l s    2 0 0 9    a r e    b o r n !    L I N K  :   F o a l s   2 0 0 9 


El Larry-daughters Sternbergs Lady Lee and Sternbergs Salut best Connemara mares (of 5) at mares inspection in Voegnitz
Lady Lee got 9s in type and trot, all other grades 8s - Dream Score 8,3!!!

         Ardas Murphy gets Premium Stallion title and is Reserve Winner of the inspection in München!
    Fotos: AvC

LINK: New photos of our youngsters

News from Ireland:

Skousboe Morning Rock is not only Supreme Champion of the Show in Spiddal,

but was also Supreme Champion of the wellknown Show in Oughterard!


El Larry son is Classwinner at Clifden Connemara Show in Ireland!
Shanna Larry  S: El Larry  D: Skousboe Shamrock by Skousboe Morning Rock

LINK: More Photos of Shanna Larry                          

Our broodmare Birkenhofs Sybille is Winner of the Performance test for mares!

Frankonian Foal Championship and Pony Show:

Sternbergs Lady Lee
(El Larry x VPrSt Lilian)
ClassWinner, Best in Race, Champion of all Sportsponies and Miss Franken 2008 / Best in Show!

Sternbergs Mercutio
(Skousboe Morning Rock x W. Lilac)
Winner of the Connemara Colts,
Reserve Winner of all Connemara foals

Sternbergs Sorcha Colleen
(El Larry x B. Sybille)
Winner of the Connemara foals,
Reserve Sportspony Foal Champion

Lousianna v. Donaumoos
(Leonardo I x StPrSt Lee-Ann)
Reserve Winner of the Connemaras,
Reserve Winner Sport Ponies


Sternbergs Larry Jr (El Larry x StPrSt Sternbergs Snowfly)
gets licensed in Denmark, is Class Winner at Inspection and 4th Best in Show

All Sternbergs Foals 2008 are First premium awarded!

Lousianna gets the States Premium Candidate mare title and
is Winner of the Connemaras at the prestigious Landesponyshow

El Larry son wins his class at Westport Show in Ireland and gets also Reserve Junior Champion

El Larry daughter wins Foal Class at Show in Austria, is Youth Champion & Champion of the Day!!!

Sternbergs Lovely Loraine - Sold to Northern Ireland!
(El Larry x Lilian)                      

2008 Foals sired by Skousboe Morning Rock:

Sternbergs Malena - Filly
Dam: Maike by Diamant
For sale
Sternbergs M... - Colt
Dam: VPrA Renate by Dolomit
For sale
Sternbergs Jolie Belle - Filly
Dam: Jeros Jingle Bell by Carnaby Patrick Hooligan
Sternbergs Mercutio - Colt
Dam: Wirthsmuehle Lilac
For sale

Link: Foals 2008

    Foals sired by our stallions have been very successful the last years. They sired not only many 
    first premium awarded foals, their foals were also sold even to Holland, Sweden, Finland, France, England,
and to the USA!

                                                     Look here for more informations about the stallions


Photos: Sidon (8), Hohe (1), HF Fischer (2)