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Our irishbred

Elite and Premium Stallion El Larry

Golden dun, born 1988, inspected in Austria and Germany,
performance tested in a 30-days-performance-test

Our El Larry is the best Sire 2008 and 2010 of the Connemara Stallions of Bayr. Zuchtverband,
Sire of the highest scored Connemara Foal in Bavaria 2008
and Sire of the Champion Mare of Bavarian Landesponyshow 2009!
At the South German Connemara Show 2009 El Larry's family was Champion Family!
Actual: For the outstanding quality of his offspring Larry was awarded the title Elite Stallion in 2011!


Loobeen Larry Killyreagh Kim Carna Bobby
Ballydonagh Kate (by Mac Dara)
Loobeen Meg Thunderbolt
Loobeen Lilly (by Mac Dara)
Grey Rock Star 2nd Ashfield Alex Clonkeehan Auratum
Lambay Starry Eyes (by Carna Dun)
Grey Rock Star Abbeyleix Owen
Breath of Wind (by Rebel Wind)

Larry's Grand Sire Killyreagh Kim:
In 1984 Killyreagh Kim won all titles at Clifden Show that a stallion could win:
    - Winner Society List Stallion
    - Winner Registerd Stallions
    - Confined Champion    and
    - Supreme Champion!

Larry's maternal Grand Sire Ashfield Alex:
In Ireland Ashfield Alex was always placed at Clifden and in 1982 came 3rd and both Larry's grandfathers (with Killyreagh Kim) shared 1st price for the Best kept Society stallion. Ashfield Alex has also a very fascinating pedigree, as he was the last colt to be registerd by Clonkeehan Auratum in 1977 being conceived when Auratum was 23. The Arab and Thoroughbred were brought into the Connemara blood to strengthen the breed, of which he has both with Naseel and Little Heaven.

Larry's maternal Grand Dam Grey Rock Star has won the following Show Classes :
    - Clifden 1982 5/6 Year Old Mare
    - Clifden 1981 5/6 Year Old Mare
    - Clifden 1980 4 Year Old Mare and Confined Champion
El Larry offspring in 2008:

Shanna Larry in Ireland:
Classwinner and Reserve Youthchampion, Westport Show, Winner Yearling Colts, Clifden Show

Foto: Holger Reimann
Sternbergs Larry Junior in Denmark:
Winner Show and Inspection Class, Breeding license!

Sternbergs Lady Lee (2 yrs old)
Overall Champion Frankonian PonyShow / Miss Franken

Sternbergs Sorcha Colleen
Reserve Winner Frankonian Foalchampionship
First premium awarded with Score 8,3
Highest Scored Connemara Foal in Bavaria 2008!

Green-Heart Myrah in Austria
Winner of the Foals, Youth Champion, Champion of the Day, Region South Show
. . .

More of Larry's ancestors:

Abbeyleix Owen
Sire of Larry's famous Grandmother
Grey Rock Star
Sire of Larry's Grandmother
Loobeen Meg
Clonkeehan Auratum
Sire of Larry's Grandfather
Ashfield Alex
Carna Bobby
Sire of Larry's Grandfather
Killyreagh Kim

Mac Dara
Winner of the Stallion Class in Clifden
1954, 1956 and 1958




and an outstanding CHARACTER

Larry's got it all....

...and he passes all this on to his offspring:

Already in his first foals in Germany he had with our homebred filly Siss the Championfoal of the German National Show 1997!
And in the following years Larry's foals won again many prizes:

1998: Leonardo - Championfoal All Breeds Pony Frankonian Ponyday
1999: Siss - Winner of all Connemara mares at Ponyshow Grettstadt (as a 2 yrs old)
2000: Sanspareil Alison - Winner Yearling Class and Youth Champion South German Connemara Pony Show
       Soraya - 1st premium awarded and Reserve Championfoal All Breeds Pony Ponyshow Grettstadt
       Siss - Awarded States Premium Candidate Mare at Landesschau in Munich
2002: Sternbergs Little Bob - Winner Connemara foals and Championfoal All Breeds Pony Ponyshow Grettstadt

2003: Sternbergs Prince Lemon - Winner Connemara foals and Championfoal All Breeds Pony Ponyshow Grettstad and
                                    Winner of the Colts and Reserve Champion foal South German Connemara Show
       Sternbergs Salut - Winner of the Connemara fillies Frankonian Ponyday
2004: Sternbergs Sorena - 1st premium awarded and Best Connemara foal Ponyshow Grettstadt
                              Reserve Winner of the Connemara foals "Horses of the World" in Munich
       Sternbergs Salina - Reserve Winner of the fillies German National Show Schönbach
2005: Sternbergs Latin Spirit - 1st premium awarded with a 9 (!) for his movements
                                   Best Connemara Colt Sportspony Foalcup Munich - again a 9 for Spirit's movements
                                   Winner of the Connemara foals Frankonian Ponyday
        Sternbergs Sweetheart - 1st premium awarded with 8/8/8 and Reserve Winner Connemara foals Frankonian Ponyday
        Leonardo - Winner of the Geldings South German Connemara Show

          . . . . .

2008: Sternbergs Larry Junior - Winner of Inspection Class and Show Class in Denmark / one year breeding permit
       Sternbergs Sorcha Colleen - 1st premium awarded and Best Connemara foal Ponyshow Grettstadt/Reserve Winner Foalchampionship
       Greenheart Myrah - Winner Foal Class at Show in Austria, Youth Champion & Champion of the Day
       Shanna Larry - Class Winner at Clifden Show, , Ireland
Class Winner and Reserve Junior Champion at Westport Show, Ireland
Sternbergs Lady Lee - Overall Champion as an only 2yrs old filly of Frankonian PonyShow

2009: Sternbergs Lady Lee inspected with Score 8,3! in Studbook I, 9s for type and trot
highest inspected mare of all races in the year 2009 of over 340 (!!!) new inspected mares!
                              States Premium Candidate mare, Classwinner and Champion mare Landespony Show München
                              Classwinner and 2. Reserve Champion mare South German Connemara Show
       Sternbergs Rosheen - Premiumfoal and 1a South German Breed Show Salgen
       Sternbergs Sarina, Sternbergs Lionheart and Sternbergs Laredo are GOLD Premiumfoals!
       Sternbergs Gillian - Premiumfoal and best Connemara foal Schwäbisches Foal Championship
       Sternbergs Larry Junior - Winner of Inspection Class in Denmark / one year breeding permit
       Family of El Larry is Champion Family at the South German Connemara Show 2009
       Greenheart Myra - Reserve Youth Champion at the Connemara Show and Federal Youth Champion
       Sternbergs Salut - Winner Mares Performance test for ponies in Ansbach

2010: Sternbergs Mandy - inspected with top grades (9s for type, body, and Overall Impression) and States Premium Candidate mare
       Shanna Larry - new licensed stallion in Ireland
                        2. Place 
2/3 year old registered C.P. Colt, Midlands Show, Ireland


     We couldn't be more proud of all the success of our El Larry's progeny!

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