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Sternbergs Like Him
Sire: Elite Stallion El Larry
Dam: Elite mare Maike (by Diamant)

colt, born 17th may 2016, bay, final height around 146 cms

Pretty colt foal with a beautiful pony face, correct, with good elastic movements and the typical uphill canter from that mating. Reserve Winner Connemara Colt foals Frankonian Foal Championship and with Gold Premium awarded.
Top class performance pedigree, real proven mating, his fullbrother Sternbergs Like Me is a performance tested Class I Stallion who is praised for his extraordinary rideability and tons of talent under saddle. Regularly placed in youngster classes against warmbloods.


Sternbergs Call me Maybe
Sire: Caherlistrane Con (by Silver Shadow)
Dam: BuPrSt/StPrSt Sternbergs Mandy by EH El Larry
Filly, born 10.march 2017, bay, final height around 148 cms

Very typey filly with a pretty head and good movements. Dam is States and one ot only two Federal Premium mares in Germany, successfully shown under saddle too.

Sternbergs Rock on Samina
Sire: Elite stallion Skousboe Morning Rock
Mutter: Sternbergs Sarina by EH El Larry
Filly, born 21.april 2017, grey from chestnut, final height around 150 cms

Quality filly from really proven mating, correct with very good movements, very quiet and people loving character.


Sternbergs Marching Hero
V: PB Hazy Marschall
M: StPrSt Sternbergs Lady Lee by EH El Larry

Yearling colt, born march 2014, bay, final height around 147 cms


- Sold -





Sternbergs 2005 babies - Sold to the USA, to Sweden and Ireland...

Sternbergs Mia Maia
El Larry x Norlunds Mary Lou
Sold to USA!

Sternbergs Sweetheart
El Larry x Skousboe Shamrock
Sold to Sweden!
Sternbergs L. Loraine
El Larry x VPrSt Lilian
Sold to Ireland!

Sternbergs Heartbreaker
Skousboe Hero x Frederiksminde Candy
Sold to USA!

/4- sister to

Sternbergs 2006 babies - Sold to the USA, Denmark and to Finland...

Sternbergs Lucy May
Skousboe Morning Rock x Wirthsmühle Lilac
Sold to USA!

Sternbergs Larry Junior
El Larry x StPrSt Snowfly
Sold to Denmark!

Sternbergs Morning Diamond
Skousboe Morning Rock x Maike
to Finland!

Sternbergs 2007 foals - Sold to Denmark, Belgium, France, Finland and England!

             Foto: Slawik

Sternbergs Marvin
Skousboe Morning Rock x Renate
Sold to Denmark!

Sternbergs Midnight Rock
Skousboe Morning Rock x Jeros Jingle Bell
Sold to France

Sternbergs Little Beauty
Skousboe Morning Rock x W. Lilac
 Sold to Finland!

Sternbergs Larino
El Larry x Sternbergs Snowfly
 Sold to England!

We wish all new owners of our ponies much joy and success!

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Premium colt
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Premium colt and Class winner at Foal show
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Overall Champion Foal Show and Winner Coltclass South German Connemara Show
Sternbergs Sorena - Sold to Holland
Premium filly
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Overall Champion Foal Show
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